Jan 2013 Dick Whittington
Oct 2012 Mr. Wonderful
Sept 2012 The Wyrd Sisters
May 2012 When We Are Married
Jan 2012 Aladdin
Oct 2011 Darling Buds of May
Sept 2011 Blithe Spirit
Apr 2011 One O'Clock From The House
Jan 2011 Cinderella
Oct 2010 September in the Rain
Sept 2010 Our Day Out
Apr 2010 House Guest
Oct 2009 'Allo 'Allo
Sept 2009 The Decorator
Apr 2009 The Ghost Train
Jan 2009 Robinson Crusoe
Sept 2008 The Cemetery Club
Apr 2008 Murder on the Nile
Sept 2007 Brassed Off!
June 2007 Dead Guilty
Apr 2007 Relatively Speaking
Jan 2007 Voyages of Sinbad
Sept 2006 Bone-Chiller
Jun 2006 Ladies in Retirement
Apr 2006 Proscenophobia (Stage Fright)
Jan 2006 Dick Whittington
Jun 2005 Just the Ticket !
Apr 2005 Mistress of Novices
Mar 2005 In Memory of Dorothy Galvin: "On With The Show"
Jan 2005 Beauty and the Beast
Sept 2004 Daisy pulls it off
June 2004 Abigail's Party
May 2004 Steel Magnolias
Jan 2004 Aladdin
Oct 2003 Appointment with Death
June 2003 Fish out of Water
May 2003 Brush With a Body
Jan 2003 Cinderella
Oct 2002 Cat's Cradle
Sept 2002 The Day After the Fair
June 2002 A Royal Revue
May 2002 Party Piece
Feb 2002 Robinson Crusoe
Oct 2001 Sand Castles
Sept 2001 Sweeney Todd
May 2001 Good Wives
Feb 2001 Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Oct 2000 Stepping Out
Sept 2000 Midsummer Night's Dream
May 2000 Random Harvest
Apr 2000 SHOWTIME 2000
Feb 2000 Sleeping Beauty
Oct 1999 Accrington Pals
Sept 1999 The Odd Couple
May 1999 Touch of Danger
Apr 1999 Celebration Double
Feb 1999 Babes in the Wood
Oct 1998 Little Women
Sept 1998 Night Must Fall
May 1998 Midsummer Mink
Feb 1998 Puss in Boots
Oct 1997 Table Manners
Sept 1997 Time and the Conways
May 1997 Daisy pulls it off
Apr 1997 A Murder has been Arranged
Feb 1997 Jack and the Beanstalk
Oct 1996 Good Old Summer Time
Sept 1996 Dear Octopus
May 1996 A Lady Mislaid
Feb 1996 Sinbad the Sailor
Oct 1995 Celebration
Sept 1995 Suddenly at Home
May 1995 This Happy Breed
Feb 1995 Cinderella
Oct 1994 The Happiest Days of Your Life
Sept 1994 When we are Married.
May 1994 Lord Arthur Savilles Crime.
Feb 1994 Aladdin
Oct 1993 Saturday Night at the Crown
Sept 1993 Letter from the General
May 1993 Demi-Paradise
Feb 1993 Humpty Dumpty
Oct 1992 Murder is Announced
Sept 1992 See how they run
May 1992 Cure for Love.
Feb 1992 Bluebird
Oct 1991 The Hollow
Sept 1991 Hay Fever
May 1991 Fish out of Water
Feb 1991 Dick Whittington
1990 Beauty and the Beast. Pink String and Sealing Wax. Breath of Spring. Boeing, Boeing.
1989 The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Licence for Spirits. Murder at the Vicarage. Separate Tables.
1988 Old King Cole. Basinful of the Briny. Peter Pan. Spring and Port Wine.
1987 Cinderella. Passing of the Third Floor Back. Cock-a-Doodle-Do. Lloyd George knew my Father.
1986 Robinson Crusoe. Friends and Neighbours. Whole Towns Talking. Harvey.
1985 Snow White. I'll get my Man. Beside the Seaside. Shop at Sly Corner.
1984 Jack and the Beanstalk. Watch it Sailor. Bonaventure. Arsenic and Old Lace.
1983 Dick Whittington. Sailor Beware. Ladies in Retirement. Round and Round the Garden.
1982 Aladdin. Outward Bound. Ring Round the Moon.
1981 The Wizard of Oz. The Curious Savage. An Inspector Calls.
1980 Pinocchio. Gaslight. Jane Eyre.
1979 The Snow Queen. Hindle Wakes. Blithe Spirit.

1971 Jack and the Beanstalk. This Happy Breed. When We Are Married.
1970 Aladdin. Friends and Neighbours. Dial M for Murder. Wuthering Heights.

1965 Cinderella.

1961 Old King Cole. My Flesh My Blood. Ride a Cock Horse.

1950 Aladdin

1947 Dick Whittington

and so the list goes on...
1936 Desert Song. etc.




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