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Produced by Doreen Johnson

BATS Review

'Time Murderer Please'

St. Joseph’s Players

Set in the saloon bar and private sitting room of a hotel in Salford this murder mystery presented by St Joseph’s Players has all the ingredients required to get you thinking.

When stranger, Mike, turns up at the hotel claiming to have lost his memory, he is soon linked to the murder of a local school teacher. However, as the plot unfolds the mystery man soon starts to put the pieces of the murder together himself and drawing his own conclusions. This character was in the capable hands of Brendan Delaney whose performance was consistently believable to the point that we were never too sure if he was guilty or not.

Several suspects later, the story unfolds and keeps us guessing right till the very end were the unlikely murderer is revealed.

The 10 strong cast do a sterling job of transporting this piece from script to stage. Michael Evans as the hen pecked husband and Hotel Proprietor, Dugdale contrasts nicely with Katherine Roberts as Mrs Dugdale. She certainly wore the trousers and took no messing from anyone.

Local Policeman, George played by Muhammad Al-Yasseri and love interest /barmaid Sadie, Jennel Unsworth compliment each others performances very well and show a great deal of promise for the future.

Paul Jameson as Freddie, turns in another excellent performance and kept the pace consistent throughout.

Barbara Mayers as Grannie delivered her comedic one liners with aplomb. With supporting performances form Chris Lovelady as Irma, Donna Wood and Pat and Karl Gerrard Mr Brooks.

This was another successful production for this society who are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with world of amateur theatre.

Well done to all concerned.

Graham Cohen.

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