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Sleeping Beauty

Director’s Notes

British audiences have been entertained for almost 300 years by the pantomime, but one needs to travel well back in time to come across the origins of this type of theatre. However, in its present form, we have the magic of spectacular scenery and effects and glittering and bizarre costumes. Also we have ‘cross dressing’ in some characters with men playing women’s roles and girls playing boy’s roles, as with the Dame and the Principal Boy. We have some frightening and bloodthirsty confrontations, great adventures and romance and comedy. Good always triumphs over evil - and so it should.

We try to appeal to all, but to children especially as, for many, it is their first venture into live theatre. They love it because they can participate in the action. You all can. Cheering, booing , shouting (in the right places, of course) is obligatory. Oh! Yes it is! There are times when you can join in the singing- you’ll know when. Let’s hope you know all the words, which you usually do. There’s also a competition and a good time to be had by all.

You will realise that a great deal of work has gone into the preparation of the show. Thanks are due to Craig, our Musical Director, and the Boys in the Band, our lovely dancers choreographed by Callan Unsworth, our delightful and enthusiastic troupe of fairy children taught by Christie Coleman and Louise Bailey. We are also grateful to our backstage workers who make the props and paint scenery, to our wardrobe staff for the wonderful costumes and to our technical staff for lighting and sound effects, and our enthusiastic publicity team. We also have excellent front of house and refreshment teams.

Tickets available from Ratcliffes Bike Shop, Bradshawgate Leigh. Panto comm. 20th Jan. to 30th Jan. Evening performances comm. 7-15pm £8 Adults £4 16yrs & under. Matinees 23rd 24th & 30th. Jan Tickets £10 Adults, £4 16yrs and under. curtain up 2pm

Special Offer: all tickets £4 on 20th & 21st Jan.

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